By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

Legendary jockey Lester Piggott’s death at the age of 86 has reminisced memories for Gary Gibson-Lennon, who was tutored by Piggott in Newmarket.

“Goodbye Lester, you was the greatest jockey in history of racing. God bless you and Rest In Peace. Love always,” Gary told me.

Gary, famed for his John Lennon performances throughout the world, on stage and in films, befriended Piggott, when training to become an amateur jockey.

Gary Gibson with Lester Piggott at Maureen and William Haggas’s Wedding in Newmarket.

Speaking exclusively, Gary who has performed in tribute to Beatles star Lennon, alongside Sir Elton John and Sir Tom Jones, said: “I will be forever thankful to Lester for being my tutor for race-riding, arguably the best ever Flat racing jockey.

“He was the greatest. Lester taught me how to change hands properly. I will never forget his great kindness.

“Great memories of being with Lester at the Newmarket Racing Museum on his birthday, November 5th in 1999, teaching me to ride on a mechanical horse.

“To ride ‘Lester length of stirrup’ you have to have leg muscles like ripchords!.

“Lester told me that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery – but ‘don’t break your neck while doing it!’ God Bless him.”

Gary added: “I was invited to the wedding of Lester’s daughter Maureen to William Haggas in 1989. Treasured memories.”

Lester Piggott tutors Gary race- riding in Newmarket.

Eldest daughter Maureen and husband, trainer William, were with Lester Piggott in Switzerland, prior to his passing on May 29, 2022, in Geneva.